The Jubilee Country Park Digital Nature Trail was devised and produced from an idea of mine  on behalf of the Friends of Jubilee Country Park (FoJCP). It was made possible by the dedication and commitment of two special people. 

Dr Judy John, who devised the original trail in 2004, supplied her expertise and knowledge, briefed us on what we might find at each post, guided us on field days, validated the results and helped find images to fill any gaps. Any lingering mistakes are all mine!

Sheetal Kowalczyk, of Bromley Junior High School, organised and managed four field trips to the park with her Year 5 pupils, 96 in all. They took over 500 images between them. The pupils designed the seasonal templates with the help of Sam Shallcross. Sheetal also helped the pupils record the narratives for each season that accompany the photographs.

The field trips were made possible with the assistance of parents and teachers at the school and members of the FoJCP 

For this, thanks are due to David Atkinson, Sue Bocock, John Bocock, John Bruce, Sylvia Chubbs, John Long, Ros Martin, Ann McCarthy, Judy Palmer, Paul duPressis, Annette Rose, Peter Runacres, Alan Saban, Hugh Stewart and Brian Thompson from FoJCP and the parents and teachers from Bromley High School.

Photographs were supplemented with others from  Dr Judy John, Fred O'Hare,  and other members of the FoJCP.

Thanks are due to Tony MacDonnell of the Friends of Scadbury, Colin Brown and Harry Brown for help and advice during my experimentation period.

The videos were created using MSOffice Powerpoint. Photos were edited using Adobe Photoshop Elements and AdSee.

Free software used in the process included BT Community Kit, Google Maps, Geotracker, Handbrake, Audacity, QR Stuff and YouTube.

Nature Trail QR code plaques were purchased from  I.P.Engraving and ably installed by Alan Saban.

Susan Folkes

Community Web Kit provided free by BT